• Dutch tax back

    When you work onboard of a Dutch flag vessel you are obligated to pay social contributes and sometimes also taxes according Dutch law. However a part of the deducted social contributes and/or taxes from your salary can get reimbursed. The Dutch tax system is quite complicated, NSCC can arrange for you the whole process to get a tax refund together with our local partners.



  • Flag state marine documents

    NSCC can apply for your flag state endorsement (CEC) and seaman’s discharge book (SB). Please see the overview below: 
    • United Kingdom
    • Dutch
    • Panama
    • German 
    When your requested flag state document is not in the list, please contact us and we will find out how we can help you to obtain this. 

  • Airport transport

    NSCC offers a door to door service. 
    We can arrange taxi transportation against competitive prices for seafarers who need to be transported to and from the airport in Lithuania and Latvia areas:
    • Palanga airport (Lithuania)
    • Vilnius airport (Lithuania)
    • Kaunas airport (Lithuania)
    • Riga airport (Latvia)


  • Marine / Offshore courses

    All kind of courses can be arranged by NSCC including transportation and accommodation, please see examples:
    • BOSIET
    • Banksman and slinger
    • Working on heights
    • HLO
    • Gas measurement and etc. 
    Due our international network we can always offer you the most competitive rates and make sure that everything is properly booked and organized

  • Visa

    We can arrange multiple kind of visas:
    • Australian visa
    • Angola visa
    • Nigerian visa 
    When your requested visa is not in the list, please contact us and we will find out how we can assist and help you to obtain this.

  • UK tax back

    You may be able to get a tax refund if you’ve paid too much tax in UK. We could assist you.