Welcome to the website of the Nautical Service Consulting

Company (NSCC).

We offer various kind of services to seafarers and shipping

companies all over the world.

When you want to retrieve tax which has been withheld from your

salary, need a visa that is very difficult to obtain, need flag state

marine documents or interested in other services, NSCC is looking

forward to assist you.

NSCC has agreements with respected crewing companies, we can

redirect our clients who ordered NSCC services to our partners.

Please feel free to contact us and we will let you know how we can


  • Dutch tax back

  • Flag state marine documents

  • Airport transport

  • Marine / Offshore courses

  • Visa

  • UK tax


NSCC is a specialized maritime service and consulting company which is operating from the port city Klaipeda in Lithuania.  
The company has been established in 2014 by former seafarers who are already working in the maritime industry for many years.   
NSCC goal is to support and facilitate our clients in the best possible way.  
We believe that our services are of added value for seafarers and maritime shipping companies. 


  • Dutch tax back

    When you work onboard of a Dutch flag vessel you are obligated to pay social contributes and sometimes also taxes according Dutch law. However a part of the deducted social contributes and/or taxes from your salary can get reimbursed. The Dutch tax system is quite complicated, NSCC can arrange for you the whole process to get a tax refund together with our local partners.

  • Flag state marine documents

    NSCC can apply for your flag state endorsement (CEC) and seaman’s discharge book (SB). Please see the overview below: 
    • United Kingdom
    • Dutch
    • Panama
    • German 
    When your requested flag state document is not in the list, please contact us and we will find out how we can help you to obtain this. 

  • Airport transport

    NSCC offers a door to door service. 
    We can arrange taxi transportation against competitive prices for seafarers who need to be transported to and from the airport in Lithuania and Latvia areas:
    • Palanga airport (Lithuania)
    • Vilnius airport (Lithuania)
    • Kaunas airport (Lithuania)
    • Riga airport (Latvia)


  • Marine / Offshore courses

    All kind of courses can be arranged by NSCC including transportation and accommodation, please see examples:
    • BOSIET
    • Banksman and slinger
    • Working on heights
    • HLO
    • Gas measurement and etc. 
    Due our international network we can always offer you the most competitive rates and make sure that everything is properly booked and organized

  • Visa

    We can arrange multiple kind of visas:
    • Australian visa
    • Angola visa
    • Nigerian visa 
    When your requested visa is not in the list, please contact us and we will find out how we can assist and help you to obtain this.

  • UK tax back

    You may be able to get a tax refund if you’ve paid too much tax in UK. We could assist you.


February 02, 2017


NSCC is specialized in Dutch tax refunds and has a GREAT DEAL to offer for all those who are interested in a tax refund. The bigger the amount you get back from the tax inspectorate the lower percentage of fee is charged!


· 9% Tax refund up to 2500,00 EUR*

· 8% Tax refund from 2501,00 EUR to 5000,00 EUR

· 7% Tax refund is 5001,00 EUR or more




VAT code: LT100009604114

Company Code: 303329783 
Phone : +370 46 300161
Email: info@nscc.lt 
Visiting address: Baltijos pr. 123-9, Klaipėda, LT-93224, Lithuania



Bank: AB SEB bankas
IBAN: LT87 7044 0600 0796 7373
Bank Code: 70440

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